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Get More Info on Health Benefits of Grass Finished Beef

Technology improvement has resulted in many changes in the health sector. Today, many people are moving away from red meat due to the perception of being unhealthy. This might be the case, but nutritionists advise eating in moderation and buying from suitable sources. Buying beef from the right source enables consumers to differentiate beef from grain-fed meat. Grass-finished meat comes from cows that graze in an open pasture and eat grass from birth to maturity. On the other hand, the grain-fed cows’ diet is made of soy, additives and growth hormones. Therefore, buying Grass Finished Beef is advisable as it has many health benefits, as this article explains.

Grass-finished beef has lower calories and fats. Research shows that meat is at least two thirds lower in calories and fats than grain-fed beef. Today, doctors encourage people to avoid diets with high levels of fats and calories and adopt healthy eating. This has led to shifting to grass-finished meat would be a good idea. You will note that consuming more calories than the body requires results in overweight, which puts one at risk of getting cancer and other chronic related illnesses. Another benefit of grass-finished beef is that it has high levels of healthy fats. Meat from grass-fed cows has two to four more times omega-three fatty acids than grain-fed cows. Omega 3 fatty acids are crucial for the body as they help lower blood sugars, promote brain health, protect the heart from abnormal rhythms and are very good for the soul.

Eating grass-finished beef is also good for the body as they have no trace of antibiotics and hormones. You will note that grains fed cows are raised to make more profit; therefore, hormones are used for faster growth. Studies show that hormones help grain-fed cows reach maturity one year earlier than grass-fed cows, which feed on natural grass and gradually gain weight. Also, grain-fed cows are prone to illnesses; therefore, huge amounts of antibiotics are administered to keep diseases at bay. On the other hand, grass-fed cows eat natural grass full of nutrients that build their immunity. Therefore, consuming grain-fed beef is not suitable for the body due to the high levels of hormones and antibiotics as they can cause serious health complications.

Grass-finished beef has more minerals and vitamins as compared to grain-fed beef. Grass-finished beef is considered to be one of the densest nutrient proteins. It has very high iron and vitamin B and D levels that are essential for the human body. Another benefit of grass-finished beef is that it tastes way better as compared to grain-fed beef. Feeding on clean diet help brings out the flavours perfectly, making the meat taste heavenly. Also, grass-finished beef is naturally tender and lean. For one to enjoy the outlined benefits, it is crucial to ensure you buy grass-finished beef by looking out for a label with a third-party certification and buy from producers who have adhered to the state’s strict standards. Also, consumers can point out the difference as grass-finished beef costs more.

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