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Guidelines for Choosing the Right Hose.

Whether you look forward to replacing an existing hose or building a new system, you need the right hose. A good hose should be of the right diameter and length and correct pressure, and made of the best material properties for the intended application. When looking for a hose, the following factors should guide you to make the right choice.

Material: the material of the hose matters a lot. However, you should consider first the condition under which the hose is supposed to operate. There are different types of hoses based on the synthetic rubber materials used for the outer layer of hoses. For instance, you expect your application to be involved with abrasion; you don’t want a hose with a soft covering. Various materials are used for the outer layers of hoses, including elastomers, fluoropolymers, metals, and silicone. You can also find laminated composite materials. When you need a hose that will be easy to bend, you should consider an elastomeric or rubber hose. For a hose with longer durability, Fluoropolymer is the best choice; it has a durable flex life with high resistance to corrosion and chemical reaction. It can also handle high temperatures. Metal hoses are good for an application that will have high temperate conditions. The hose handles high flow materials and high temperatures well. They are also not affected by high pressure. An application requires a hose that will maintain flexibility across a wide range of temperatures; a neoprene hose is the best choice. It also handles vibrations well.

Weight and space: the weight and space of a hose pipe is another crucial factor one should consider when choosing a hose, especially if the application is involved with a mobile machine; you need a hose that can easily be moved from one place to another. The appropriate hose for a mobile machine ought to have a thin-wall inner tube and the right weight. The inside diameter of the hose is an important factor to consider. A smaller diameter means a lower flow rate with excess velocity and very high linear velocity, leading to friction and turbulence. When these effects are combined, the result is high system pressure and heat. A hose of the proper length should be bendable and flexible to allow machines to move easily and avoid any undue stress caused by the machine, especially on the crimped fittings. You should understand that hose have the tendency of shrinking; hence you should consider a hose with an allowance of extra length. Also, when making up the hose assembly, consider an extra allowance length of the hose due to shrinkage. However, the hose should not be too long as this may cause restriction to the flow, increasing pressure on the system and consequently reducing system efficiency. Ensure you have the best expertise for making up the hose assembly to avoid any mistakes. For a hose to function properly, it should have a maximum working pressure rating. The pressure should be at or above the normal pressure for the hydraulic system. Consider these important factors when choosing a hose.

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